A Hero Dies, 2000 Mules, Twitter Makes A Deal

Monday, April 25, 2022

A Hero Dies


Last September, Border Patrol agents on horseback were accused of whipping migrants trying to illegally enter our country. There were countless stories in major media outlets smearing these agents and comparing the incident to the beatings of slaves. 


Before any investigation, President Joe Biden and "Border Czar" Harris vehemently condemned the agents. The horse patrols were canceled. The agents were put on desk duty. Their careers were threatened. But it was all propaganda to smear our border "police."


The whips were the reins used to control the horses. The photographer who took the pictures actually defended the agents, and said his pictures were "misconstrued."


But the left had its narrative. They insisted that our brave Border Patrol agents are racists, and they ran with it. An investigation reportedly cleared the Border Patrol agents, yet the White House still refuses to apologize for slandering them.


In the last few days, an American hero died guarding our border. His name was Bishop Evans. You probably didn't hear anything about him because most major networks ignored his death. Only Fox News devoted significant time to his heroism. 


The same leftists who couldn't wait to smear the Border Patrol agents on horseback won't say Evans's name. They don't want anybody to say his name. They want this story to disappear as quickly as possible.


Evans was a member of the Texas National Guard. He died when he jumped into the Rio Grande River trying to rescue migrants who appeared to be drowning. He succeeded, but he lost his own life. His body was recovered today. It's believed that the people he saved were trafficking drugs into America for the cartels.


The Texas National Guard is only at our border because our feckless president, his cackling "border czar" and our incompetent secretary of Homeland Security refuse to enforce our immigration laws. 


This is outrageous! 


The left's open borders agenda is a national scandal that's costing lives. 


I repeat: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and all those complicit in this surrender of our national sovereignty at the southern border should be removed from office.


Click here to read my latest commentary at CNSNews.com making the case for why Joe Biden should be impeached for failing to enforce our immigration laws.




Twitter Makes A Deal


Just a few hours ago, Twitter's board of directors and Elon Musk reached a deal that allows Musk to take the company private. 


As I have repeatedly noted, this is not just a "business story." This has tremendous significance beyond one social media company. The First Amendment is under extraordinary attack in America today by the radical left and its media allies.


While Elon Musk certainly is not a conservative champion by any stretch of the imagination, his commitment to free speech is laudable. If Musk can break the left's stranglehold over Big Tech, and if he follows through on his pledge to stop Twitter's censorship, it could have tremendous implications.




2000 Mules


Documentary filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza has a new movie coming out next week on the 2020 election. "2000 Mules" focuses on the unprecedented use and abuse of mail-in balloting and ballot drop boxes in 2020 and how the left conspired to rig the election.


Through the use of surveillance video and cellphone geotracking, D'Souza shows that thousands of "mules" delivered hundreds of thousands of suspect ballots to drop boxes in key swing states. In some states, it was potentially enough to change the results.


I know some will say, "It's over. Stop looking backwards." Well, progressives still cling to the debunked myth that Russia stole the 2016 election for Donald Trump. But more importantly, this isn't about the past. It's about the future. 


It's about making sure that our elections are secure, and that no one can steal future elections by "rigging" laws and procedures (here, here and here) at the last minute.




Second Thoughts?


There's a hopeful sign that the backlash against Disney's jihad on normalcy is making other companies think twice about going woke. Energy giant ExxonMobil announced that it is no longer permitting so-called "affinity flags" or "external position flags," like the gay pride flag or the BLM flag, to fly outside its corporate offices. 


Needless to say, the company is under tremendous pressure from left-wing activists and their media allies to reverse course. 


In related news, a coalition of black clergy is calling on woke corporate America to defund the fraudulent BLM "Buying Luxury Mansions" movement and to stand with law enforcement. 


Their effort is not only timely, it's essential. FBI Director Christopher Wray warns that police officers are being killed in the line of duty at the rate of nearly "one every five days."