Deep State Corruption, Biden’s Inflation Celebration, Graham Goes There

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Deep State Corruption


I know some conservatives were torn over the recent criticism of the FBI following the raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. But the latest filings from Special Counsel John Durham demonstrate beyond any doubt that the Bureau is systemically corrupt, as Sen. Charles Grassley recently alleged.


We previously reported that the FBI knew Christopher Steele’s infamous Russian dossier on Donald Trump was garbage. But they used it anyway to justify their spying on Trump’s campaign and his administration.


Now we’re learning that the FBI paid Christopher Steele’s primary source for the fake dossier – Igor Danchenko – even though the Bureau knew Danchenko was lying to them. And get this – the FBI paid Danchecko to be a “confidential source” throughout all four years of Donald Trump’s presidency!


Normally when you lie to the FBI, you face perjury charges. Unless, of course, you’re providing dirt on Donald Trump. In that case, the FBI puts you on their payroll – even when they know the information you’re providing is false!


That’s all the proof anyone should need to realize just how corrupt the Deep State is.


My friends, this is the real threat to our democracy. No constitutional Republic can survive when powerful national security institutions become so corrupted that they are essentially serving as one party’s secret police


Please help American Values defend Faith, Family and Freedom!




Biden’s Inflation Celebration


Yes, you read that right. 


Just when you think Washington socialists can’t be any more tone deaf, they decide to throw a big party at the White House to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act. Except their party was held on the same day that a new report showed inflation was going up, not down.


Even the fake news media, which usually does its best to cover for their left wing allies, couldn’t give Biden a pass on this one. Consider this CNN headline: “Biden’s Victory Lap Marred By Stock Slump On Inflation Fears.”


The split screens of the White House party and crashing stock market (its worst day in more than two years) were laughable. Even anonymous White House aides were fretting about the terrible timing. 


In one telling moment, Nancy Pelosi had trouble getting the privileged guests to be excited about Joe Biden’s “extraordinary leadership.” Maybe they were too busy on their cellphones watching their retirement accounts disappear!


Here’s the bottom line: Yesterday’s inflation numbers guarantee that interest rates are going higher and will stay high for a lot longer, as the Federal Reserve and the Biden White House deliberately try to crash the economy. 


That is their solution to the inflation Joe Biden created – kill demand for products and services. If you have decided not to buy a new house or delayed a major purchase because of higher borrowing costs, you are a victim of their strategy. 




Of Debt & Deficits


The cluelessness of the Biden White House was also evident yesterday as they celebrated growing the government and increasing the debt in America – two things that cause inflation.


During his remarks, President Biden claimed that he has reduced the deficit. No, he didn’t. The economy reopened. That reduced the deficit. Not Joe Biden’s socialist policies.


Meanwhile, the national debt has ballooned by $3 trillion in less than two years. When Joe Biden occupied the Oval Office, the debt stood at $27.8 trillion. Now, it’s nearly $31 trillion. 


This ill-conceived White House party and Wall Street’s crash come on the heels of Biden’s insane student loan bailout scheme. Biden is transferring the debts of people with six figure incomes onto the backs of working-class Americans. 


The high school graduate who decided that college wasn’t for him, and who took out a loan to buy a work truck and tools to help him build America, doesn’t take kindly to being told that he must also pay off the $20,000 debt of someone else who majored in gender studies!


Polling shows that Americans believe the plan is unfair to those who did not attend college and even more unfair to those who already paid off their college loans. Not surprisingly, Americans are much less likely to vote for politicians who support Biden’s college debt scheme. 


By the way, no member of Congress was even able to vote on this scheme because Biden did it unilaterally, which is very likely unconstitutional. Even Nancy Pelosi said Biden didn’t have the authority to waive away debts.




A Closer Look


While Biden and his socialist friends were busy celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act, many people were busy taking a closer look at the inflation figures that are busting so many family budgets. For example:


·     Food prices are up 11.4%, the largest increase since 1979.

·     Diesel prices are up 53%. (Think of everything that is shipped by truck!)

·     Electricity prices are up 15.8%.

·     Natural gas prices are up 33%.

·     Home heating oil is up 68.8%. (Good luck this winter, New England!)


Two liberal Obama economic advisers, Jason Furman and Larry Summers, didn’t mince words about yesterday’s inflation report, describing it as “extremely ugly” and “a serious problem.”




Graham Goes There


For months now, I have been urging pro-life conservatives to aggressively engage the extremist left on the abortion issue.  


Well, Senator Lindsey Graham forced the debate yesterday when he introduced legislation banning late-term abortions. There’s some disagreement as to whether Graham’s timing was the best. Predictably, the Beltway consulting class panicked. I’ll leave that discussion for another day. 


But what is undeniable is that the fake news media and their liberal allies are lying about Sen. Graham’s bill in order to confuse voters. 


The Biden White House and many media outlets are describing his legislation as a “nationwide abortion ban.” White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said that Graham’s bill is “wildly out of step with what Americans believe.”


First of all, it’s wildly disingenuous to call Graham’s bill a “nationwide abortion ban” as if it were a national ban on all abortions. It is not. 


As noted, it only bans late-term abortions performed in the second trimester after 15 weeks of pregnancy. If enacted, it would bring U.S. law into line with most of liberal Europe


Second, 62% of Americans, including nearly half of Democrats, support banning abortions after 15-weeks. Only a very small fringe minority support abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy.


No, Ms. Jean-Pierre, it’s Joe Biden’s pro-abortion extremism that is out of step with the American people. 


Joe Biden and most so-called “progressive” politicians can’t name one abortion they would prevent. 


There isn’t one innocent, healthy preborn baby they would spare from destruction. 


They are pro-abortion without exception. 


They are the extremists in the abortion debate!


Please help American Values defend the sanctity of life!